The first and only


radiofrequency technology that has received Health Canada approval for treatment of the vaginal introitus, after vaginal childbirth, to improve sexual function.

GENEVEVE™ treatment by Viveve

Replenishing soft tissue for intimate issues.

InControl® Products by Viveve


Treat ALL common types of female & male incontinence.


At the forefront


of the booming demand for clinically proven women’s health and wellness treatments.

About Viveve

Viveve is a women’s health and wellness company specializing in innovative devices and clinically proven therapeutic solutions to improve well-being and quality of life. We have a dedicated focus on understanding and addressing many of the most important challenges in women’s health today.

Our technology was custom designed specifically to address health issues affecting the vagina, unlike some technologies that are “add on” treatments to an existing aesthetic device. We are the only device that has been clinically studied in a multicenter, blinded, placebo-controlled study among more than 150 women.

The Viveve System™ is the first and only radiofrequency technology that has received Health Canada approval for treatment of vaginal introitus, after vaginal childbirth, to improve sexual function. It is the only device that incorporates cryogen cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF).

InControl® Products by Viveve treat the underlying cause of bladder leakage and urinary incontinence in women – weak pelvic floor muscles and an overactive detrusor muscle. Treatment is performed in the privacy of the home – just 10 minutes a day; and is 90% effective in treating daily incontinence episodes based on a recent clinical study. 

Together our products provide a 1-2 punch in treating common conditions many women encounter.

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Meet Your Canada Team

Larry Lewis

10+ years experience in sales, sales management, marketing, & business development.

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Cynthia Johnston

RN, 22 years in medical device sales, 15 years in aesthetic laser sales, business development, clinical and consultation expertise.

“Pursuing a brighter tomorrow for a woman’s intimate health!”

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Marianne Jacob

Clinical and Management Consultant, 23 years in the medical device industry, 13 years Orthopedic surgery consultant, 10 years gynecology clinical educator.

“Intimate wellness is essential in maintaining a woman’s overall good health and confidence.”

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Clinical Publications


(Krychman 2017 Publication) – 1, 3 & 6 Month Results,  174 patients (safety and efficacy of Viveve treatment: Multi-center, Randomized, Sham-Controlled, Blinded, IRB-Approved) – Statistically significant change in FSFI total score for active vs sham (p=0.03), Treated women 3 times more likely to experience NO vaginal laxity (p=0.006), and 80% of subjects in the active treatment group showed an improvement in vaginal laxity at 6 months.  NO related serious adverse events.  Only study in this space to capture adverse events in an FDA-approved manner.

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