1 in 3 Women Live With Little Leaks

  Until recently, the options for treating urinary incontinence have been invasive or ineffective. All we could do was cover up the problem with pads, be opened up on an operating table, or suffer side effects from pills. So, what was the point of talking about it?...

Not Your Mother’s Kegels

  Kegels: that mystical exercise that strengthens something “down there.” But what are Kegels and what are they strengthening? Heck, what part of your southern area even needs help? The short answer: Kegels are exercises for your pelvic floor muscles.   Pelvic Floor...

Muscles That Matter: Pelvic Floor Muscles

  We know staying healthy entails eating right, exercising regularly, and staying calm with meditation, prayer, counseling, etc. But, as women, we have different health concerns than men. Physically, we are different. For starters, men don’t have to deal...
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