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The Viveve studies are impressive and compelling, but I also love hearing my patients tell me how Viveve has improved their lives. The Viveve Treatment truly benefit couples’ intimate relationships. Long term, I see the Viveve Treatment benefiting my patients significantly, because it’s effective, minimally-invasive, clinically-proven and only one treatment.

Maria Canter, MD


“I have dedicated my career to helping women. I chose to work with Viveve because they are dedicated to that as well.”

Courtenay Poucher, MD


“I treat many conditions to help women look and feel better. Viveve can truly address important quality of life issues for the women in my practice.”

Marina Peredo, MD


“I am seeing great results with Viveve. The deeper penetration of this type of RF has outperformed any other technology I’ve used for the same purpose.”

Russell Bartels, MD


I’m a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist and have been a fan of InControl products since I discovered them a few years ago. This is the best option for my patients that have significant pelvic floor muscle weakness, vaginal laxity and prolapse. More traditional biofeedback sensors that are fixed in size were never a good option for these patients, as they would tend to just pop out. The InTone and ApexM have filled that much-needed void in my practice. The InTone is my go-to product to optimize my patients’ outcomes with incontinence.

Heather Jeffcoat, DPT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

patient success

Viveve Treatment


Realself Worth It Rating

I read that Viveve can help with sexual sensation and incontinence. I can say that the staff answered my questions and were very friendly and professional, and the treatment was quick and pain-free. What I like best is that I only have to do it once. Other treatments I looked at were 3 or more. It has been a couple of months and I can say that I am so excited about my treatment. I even went to a trampoline park with my kids…with success! And the sensation part is amazing too! Highly recommend the Viveve treatment!

For years now I have been experiencing issues with holding my bladder, and vaginal dryness. All these issues were super embarrassing for me. I hadn’t realized there was a treatment for this until one of my friends told me about Viveve. I can safely say that this treatment works, and I really wish more women knew about it! I know that the issues I was facing are more common than most people think – and Viveve is the answer.  

Realself Review

I recently had the Viveve Treatment to address my stress urinary incontinence. It has beyond exceeded my expectations. The procedure is no big deal – quick and painless. It took about a month, but now I can work out without worry. Even little things like sneezing/coughing are not a problem anymore. This little procedure can make a big difference.

Realself Review

After I had my daughter couple of years ago, I felt “loose” down there and I definitely wanted to fix that for myself and my boyfriend. After doing some research about Viveve. I didn’t feel anything, it was fast and easy. I felt the results in 4 weeks. Wow sex life has gotten better and sexier ! My boyfriend said this was the best birthday present ever. Everyone should have this done!

Realself Review

What a difference less than an hour commitment makes. I was a bit hesitant at first but everyone put me at ease. Painless surprisingly as I only felt warmth. If bladder leakage is your problem, this is so easy and you should not hesitate. Viveve solves multiple problems and I was so thrilled!

Realself Review

I had the Viveve Treatment done in 2017 and it improved my sex life so much and incontinence was gone. The sex was absolutely great my husband and I are both so happy no more dryness and I would have several orgasms one right after another. Also it was great to be able to laugh and cough again without peeing. Absolutely one of the best things I have ever done.

Realself Review

I suffered pudendal nerve damage as a result of a vaginal delivery and for the past 25 years lived with fecal incontinence and the inability to control gas.  I have been using the InTone device for almost 6 months now and since that time I have not suffered any stool leakage. The device is easy to insert, and quite easy to use. It has a lighted visual biofeedback component that allows you to see how well you can maintain the contraction which I found to be quite helpful and encouraging. The muscle stimulation portion of each session basically performs the Kegel exercises for you which I found to be a great indicator for making sure I was doing them correctly when prompted to do so on my own. Using this device has easily become just another part of my morning routine.

–Happy Patient in Chico, CA

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