Do you leak when you:

laugh, cough, sneeze, or workout?

1 in 3 women live with urinary incontinence. This condition affects a woman’s quality of life,
and prevents her from participating in normal activities. But you don’t have to live with it. 
The Viveve Solutions may be right for you.

The Viveve Solutions

✓ Safe

✓ Comfortable (no anesthetic needed)

✓ Clinically-proven

✓ Effective

In the Clinic


The Viveve System addresses a medical condition affecting functionality and quality of life. The SINGLE-SESSION treatment is a MINIMALLY INVASIVE, COMFORTABLE approach to IMPROVING, VAGINAL LAXITY and SEXUAL FUNCTION.* 



*The Viveve System is indicated for use in general surgical procedures of electrocoagulation and hemostasis in the United States. International regulatory approvals and clearances have been received for vaginal laxity and/or improvement in sexual function indications in over 50 countries.

At Home


INCONTROL PRODUCTS BY VIVEVE strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and calm the detrusor muscle using a patented electrostimulation device with high and low levels of stimulation to treat urinary and fecal incontinence. InTone, InToneMV and ApexM are FDA-cleared devices.

Find a Doctor


1919 Sirocco Dr SW #100
Calgary, AB T3H 2Y3, Canada

The Allan Centre

#460, 11012 Macleod Trail
Calgary, AB T2J 6A5, Canada

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